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 CONTACT:   Jesse N. Marquez   310-590-0177

 July 17, 2017



Reggae Radio USA Internet Radio Station To Debut



Los Angeles.  Reggae Radio USA announced today that their new Reggae music format radio station will debut it Demo station on Monday August 7, 2017.    Reggae Radio USA is a new internet radio station that will feature Indie Reggae Singers, Groups and Music Bands established and based in the USA.

Reggae Radio USA will feature First Time Artists, Returning Artists, First Time Single Songs, First Album, Artists Interviews, Artist Shout Outs, Artist Music Videos and Artist Website Links.

What the world does not realize is that outside of Jamaica the United States has become the world’s second largest home to Reggae music.   Reggae Radio USA has already identified over 1,000 Reggae music artists in the US and the list grows longer each year.

In the next few weeks Reggae Radio USA will announce some of its debut Reggae music recording artists.


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