Sorry for the delay in our Reggae Radio USA launch we had some sad news in the family and had to take care of family biz.  We are now catching up on our work in building our website and will stay ii touch. 

Reggae Radio USA has selected Reggae Singer Yah Perry from Paso Robles to be the lead singer for its new radio station jingle song, " I Love Reggae."    Yah Perry is originally from Kingston, Jamaica.    Jessica Harrison from Long Beach has been selected to be back-up female vocals.   The two Reggae singers with a back-up band will soon be going into a recording studio this month to record " I love Reggae," the station jingle song which you will be able to hear soon on the radio station website. 

Hello Reggae Radio USA Listeners

Reggae Radio USA will soon come on-line.  Reggae Music fanatics who heard the rumor that there was a new internet Reggae music radio station in the making heard right.   It is absolutely true.   Reggae Radio USA will come on-line September 11, 2017.




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