Reggae Radio USA will specialize in featuring the creative sounds from Indie Solo Artists, Groups and Bands here in the USA.   If they only have a one song CD we will play it to help them get their musical career started.   

Reggae Radio USA will feature First Time Artists, Returning Artists, First Time Single Songs, First Album, Artists Interviews, Artist Shout Outs, Artist Music Videos and Artist Website Links.

Reggae Radio USA will include you, yes you.  We will recognize you and give you credit for Listener Artist Referrals.  We will have Listener Chat, Listener Song Requests and Listener Free Gift Give-A-Ways.

Are you a high school, college, university, club, association, fraternity or non-profit organization and need help raising money?  Do you need new football uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, science class equipment, need money to go to the championship finals, need to buy cameras and office equipment?  We will help you raise money.   We will send our DJs to your event, broadcast live at your event, advertise your event and give out free give-a-ways.

Not only that we will donate 5% of our net-profits to Environmental Justice Organizations to help save the planet from climate change, global warming, the prevention of the destruction of natural resources, the protection of endangered species and save the humans species, yes us.


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